Having Keyboard, Will Travel

Geoff Hilton says that, unfortunately, he peaked in sixth grade. He was class valedictorian. That year, Geoff became his elementary school’s valedictorian and, noting with tongue firmly implanted in cheek, that he wowed fellow thespians with the “definitive portrayal” of Bob Cratchit in the school play.

Nonetheless, Geoff went on to become an award-winning senior writer, editor and magazine/newspaper columnist with over three decades of “been there, done that” experience in six industries. His corporate career includes hands-on internal/external communications, marketing, public affairs, public relations and publishing leadership roles in companies of all sizes – ranging from small and midsize businesses to such global powerhouses as Gartner, PwC and UPS.

Geoff preached that “content is king” and relationship building is critical long before the era of boutique “know-it-all” “thought leaders” consultants and Undercover Boss. This depth of experience has given Geoff a deep reservoir of knowledge and life lessons to share in a myriad of professional gatherings – and now online for visitors to this site. Geoff will also be posting commentary on information gleaned from countless sources reporting the latest news and pop culture highlights/happenings, as well as by monitoring the latest buzz from today’s social media-driven world.

Powered by a passion for the constant pursuit of excellence, Geoff’s proud of his radio roots on WAER-FM and newspaper days as an investigative reporter while attending Syracuse University (Go Orange!). He then worked as a sports editor in the “Get Up and Boogie” era of disco before making the career leap to the corporate world.

Geoff’s proud of his newspaper roots as an investigative reporter while attending Syracuse University (Go Orange!). He then worked as a sports editor in the “Get Up and Boogie” era of disco before making the career leap to the corporate world.

A Few Fun Facts about GH:

– Developed key components of the UPS corporate communications program heralded in Fortune magazine as raising employee communications “to an art form.” This included creating, managing and publishing the global giant’s companywide magazine that’s still mailed to employees’ homes.

– Geoff also served as a corporate photographer during his UPS days, sending him to such diverse destinations as Alaska and St. Thomas. His years with Big Brown’s Public Affairs team on Capitol Hill often required photographing members of Congress – ranging from Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi to President Ronald Reagan’s close friend, Senator Paul Laxalt. Pelosi would eventually become the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House.

– Geoff “lived” the Carole King hit “I Feel The Earth Move” when he covered the 1989 San Francisco Bay Area earthquake for UPS.

– Geoff’s a graduate of Fox Lane High School in Bedford, NY, so yes, he does indeed know “what the fox said” (referencing that infectious 2013 hit song by Ylvis).

– Geoff went to Fox Lane with actress Susan Dey, best known for her roles in two hit TV series: “The Partridge Family” and “L.A. Law.” He also worked on a biweekly newspaper with her dad, Bob Dey. OK, for those of you who don’t relate to the Me-TV generation, Rooney Mara (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”) is a recent Fox Lane grad.

– The fact that the biweekly newspaper referenced above grew to become a daily was deemed big news at the time (late ‘70s); so big, in fact, that a top NYC-based TV anchor and his camera crew were dispatched to interview Geoff and his fellow employees.

– Geoff went to SU with Bob Costas, but he’s quick to point out that Bob graduated before he did. Geoff also worked as an on-air sports reporter for the Syracuse campus radio station: WAER. (The only “dome” at the ‘Cuse back in those days was the ever-present gray sky.)

– Hockey legend Gordie Howe had the strongest handshake of any athlete Geoff ever met. Vice-like. Speaking of tough athletes, Geoff also lists Hall of Famers Larry Csonka (football) and Willis Reed (basketball) among his most memorable interviews.

– Geoff’s trepidation over leaving the newspaper business for corporate life wasn’t helped when noted author and columnist Ken Auletta once told him: “Get back to journalism.”