Congratulations, America

Want to be part of a daytime TV talk show? Just go to the website and see if you qualify as an ideal guest by checking out these listed questions:

  • Does someone in your family dress like an over-sexy, scandalous, hot mess?
  • Is your husband a serial cheater?
  • Want to confront a family member about their drinking?
  • Does your grandmother dress way too sexy for her age and needs a makeover?
  • Is your teen son obsessed with porn and leading a sexually destructive lifestyle?
  • Are you involved in family drama and want to be on our show?

Congratulations, America.  With former journalist turned talk show “ringmaster” Maury Povich presiding over this syndicated dysfunctional circus, the show has been running since 1991! And the above questions don’t even mention the show’s reputation as the go-to place to determine dramatic “YOU are the father” paternity pronouncements.

The show’s website also maintains that it’s the number one talk show among “women, adults and men,” ages 18-34. If true, how sad. And it lists women, men and adults. Is there a third type of adult they’ve discovered? Wow. This show really does push traditional societal boundaries. At age 79, Povich, like his longtime counterpart Jerry Springer, gladly admits that he has quite the lucrative gig (reportedly $14 million annually according to In fact, when I’ve heard Springer as a talk show guest, he usually just opens with: “I’m sorry.”

A sorry state indeed.

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