A Story of Age Discrimination

Senior Citizen Insulted by Young Man at Bar – The Response Was Great!

It sometimes feels like we forget all the older men and women who built our country. Older generations laid the foundation for what we have today, yet they are often overlooked in today’s modern and technology-focused society.

This story, about a career man who steps into a bar and insults an older man, describes exactly that. The story is certainly fictional, but it concerns a topic that we all should reflect a little more upon: everything the elderly have done for us. And this, the pensioner does not hesitate to bring to the youth’s attention.

A young, newly graduated economy student enters a bar in his nice suit. He immediately begins to brag about his latest achievements.

He then notices an older man sitting alone in the bar.

He walks up to him, wanting to explain why “old” people cannot understand his generation.

“Elderly folk grew up in another world, in a primitive world,” the young man said loud enough for everyone in the bar to hear him.

“Today’s young generation grew up with television, the internet, space travel, jets, electric cars, and top computers…”

He takes a short pause to take a sip of his beer. That’s when the old man responds with lightning speed:

“You’re right, kid. We did not have all those things when we were young. So we invented them. And what are you going to do for the next generation? ”

The whole bar applauds. Never mess with the elderly!

Talk about a great comeback! I think we should all help share this wise story to pay tribute to our older generation!

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